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Ali Steger

Alicia “Alli" Steger was born and raised in Charles County, making her no stranger to the local farming community. Alli learned how to grow and preserve agricultural products from her family, and believes there is no better experience than having the opportunity to plant, harvest, and consume your own food.

Alli began her agricultural career within MOMS Organic Market in 2012. Hired as an hourly employee, her passion and skill for high quality products enabled her to rise to Produce Manager in less than six months. In addition to establishing the market for the Waldorf location, Alli assisted in the opening of several additional locations, primarily recruited to train the produce staff and develop marketing strategies.

In 2015, Alli left the industry to finish her undergrad at Trinity Washington University. Equipped with a BA in International Affairs and Business Administration, she has studied sustainable agriculture practices in Denmark and Africa. She has also served as a volunteer with the Smithsonian National Zoo, assisting with the care of African species. Alli plans to apply her extensive hands-on experience, as well as formal education, to the EatWell DC Natural Farm. 

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