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Gaby Semprun

Maria "Gaby" Gabriela, hailing from Venezuela, graduated in 2007 at the University Institute of Technology of Portuguesa, with a specialization in Vegetal Production. Having come from the state with the highest agricultural activity in the country, Gabby soon fell in love with vegetables. 

In 2009, Gabby moved into Agricultural Engineering and graduated in 2014  as an Agricultural Engineer. From there she began at the National Institute of Integral Health of Portuguesa State and stayed for almost 6 years (2010 and 2016) where most of her time was in the field and other harvest and phytosanitary activities as part of the Ministry of Agriculture service.

In her 3 years here in the United States, Gabby has had the opportunity to acquire experiences in vegetables and in the production of the local market of agriculture. Gabby has done everything from working in the vineyards of the Breaux family in Purcellville, the whole process of elaboration of wines like Merlot -Malbec-Vidal Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc, to working in the flower farm of Barbara Lambourne Greenstone fields in Loudoun County, VA.  Here Gabby had the experience of caring for  almost 100 varieties of flowers and had the great honor of working in the  Potomac Vegetables Farm in Vienna and Loundon VA with almost 50 years in the production of vegetables.

We are so excited for Gabby to join the  Eatwell Natural Farm and and become a part of the EatWell DC Team! 

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